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John's Custom Machine has provided  Heat Exchanger units for a variety of custom orders, including larger units, and modified stock units.  We welcome inquiries concerning your specialized needs.
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Tubed Heat Exchangers manufactured with 316 Stainless Steel.  The inner Tubes are  a specialty grade of 316 Stainless Steel.  We also offer the stainless flex pipe for installation.  Standard size is
4 1/2" by 24", however custom sizes are available. 
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The photos below depict some of our models that are available.  All of our models are manufactured with 316 Stainless throughout.  The stainless inner tubing is pressure rated to 10,000 PSI.  The outer shell, also manufactured from stainless, is available with different pressure ratings. When ordering, please ask for  specify either a low or high pressure rated housing.  By attaching  the optional diverter valve,  exhaust gases are routed away from the exchanager when it is desired to operate the engine without heating water in the exchanger.  The diverter valve is usually a requirement when performing jobs such as water cleanup.  All of our models can be easily mounted on all engine types - Briggs, Kohler, etc..and on all machines.  They can be used on slide-in truck mounts and shaft drives. 

We provide repalcement Heat Exchangers for OEMs such as Chem Tex, Halcyon, Steam Genie, Chemspec, Hydrmaster, Vortex, ETC ETC ETC., as well as custom units as required by our customers.

Stainless Steel Header mounts on engine exhaust ports and connects to heat exchanger with stainless flex pipe.  Below is a lright hand header, a straight out header  and two exhaust diverter valves.
'Y' Adaptor connects heat exchanger  with 2 stainless flex pipes to mounting flanges on engine exhaust ports.  This mounting arrangement is used if you do not use the stainless header.
When installing the heat exchanger  there are two important things to remember.  On the Heat Exchanger there are four ports or fittings as well as the exhaust-in and exhaust-out ports. The ports are  -  cold water-in, hot water-out, one for a drain if required, and one for a pressure relief valve.  The 'hot water out fitting' must point vertically up (12 o'clock position) in order to  allow for complete water-fill in the exchanger.  If this is not done, the exchanger will only  partially fill with water.  Also,  for safety reasons, it is strongly recommended to mount a pressure relief valve.  This can be mounted in one of the heat exchanger ports or elsewhere in the system. 
The photos below depict a typical heat exchanger and diverter hookup without a stainless header  These photos are courtesy of Murray Peacock, Peacock Prolean  - one of our Canadian customers
Murray Peacock Monday, 9/8/03, 6:03 PM
Hi John and Lynn: After a few months of using the heat exchanger, I would like to give my opinion. I just finished the small details of the truckmount, such as installing a muffler after the HX, which makes it much quieter. On residential, I use the diverter half open, I get great heat, (quick connects are very hot), but the temp doesn't spike after I put the wand down a few momemts to move furniture. The stress and worry about overheating is gone. Anyone who heats with propane, kerosene just has too much money to spend. On commercial work, the heat diverter is completely closed, and the heat is almost as hot as my old steamaction double barrel exchangers. (and beleive me, steamaction is a benchmark) However, I find your exchanger temp is more consistant. The shelving is great too. Will send photos. Talk soon.

This photo depicts and double heat exchanger system with an exhauster diverter valve built into the header.
Below is a left hand header, a straight out header, a y-adaptor and a 90 fitting.  All are manufactured with 316 Stainless.
Our Exhaust Diverter Valve is used to divert engine exhaust from the Heat Exchanger when not required.  It manually or remotely diverts exhaust from your your heat exchanger.  Mounting brackets are not required as the Diverter Valve is directly mounted to the exhaust inlet end of the Heat Exchanger.  The diverter valve will always be in the heat mode unless the handle is moved and locked into the divert position.  It is strongly recommended that the diverter be used with our heat exchanger if you are running a 20HP Kohler engine or larger as some of our customers have found the water temps too high with our exchangers on these engines.
John's Custom Machine also manufactures blower preheaters or post-heaters in a number of different sizes.  These units have proven to be very effective in raising water temps approximately 40 degrees.  They can be installed on slide ins and PTOs. This unit is manufactured with a stainless housing and copper tubing.  
Typical Exhaust Exchanger Hookup
Heat Exchanger on a custom diesel unit mounted in the vertical position.
A testimonial about our post-heater (pre-heater)  from Matt King.

If anyone has a Steam Genie pto or another direct drive without a blower heat exchanger, I would recommend buying one from John at Hot Heatexchangers!  This was my second day back to work with my new blower exchanger installed on my SLG> pto and I was getting 235-245 degree water coming out of the machine all day long.  It is only 40 degrees outside and I was running a 2 jet wand      with 9502's at 500 psi., cold water only coming into the machine.  With the wand keyed open constantly it would not drop below 225.  I'm very impressed with his exchangers!  I ran this after the coolant exchanger.  So it's a post heater.  These things are awesome! I'm not sure why they didn't put these on from the factory..
We manufacture Stainless Steel Waste Tanks in various sizes.  If you are interested in a waste tank please call and will furnish you with a drawing as to your specifications.  We also manufacture stainless mix tanks which can be used in your plumbing circuit to attain higher water temps.

Fiberglass Insulation Wrap for your header, heat exchanger, etc etc., This is used to minimize heat loss.
Our new COMBO Header/Exhaust Diverter shown below on a Kohler engine
Our standard Exhaust Diverter